Smart TVs & the silliness of new menu and social focus without deep interface integration in story architecture and production

“Why haven’t smart TV’s sold” Because… As I have told every company that met with me in the past 6 years… ‘smart TV’s’ about social or selection/new menus of aggregation are silly & are just a gimmick if interface isn’t integrated deeply in & during production. Content inception, architecture (storycube real estate) & production is/will be king … Even in hardware when it comes to video and retail revenue.



I wrote this last year.

I feel stronger about it today than I did last year…

I hope everyone gets to own a dog or a cat in their lives.

(Adults, even more than kids, are lucky to get them)>

Sometimes in a dark room, we strike a match and it lights the room to give us an understanding of where we are and where to go.  When the match burns out all those things the light had shown us are still there.

At the close of a week where I said goodbye to my constant companion…  ( I have had pets die in the past.  In fact, my first dog was put down the week of my 13th birthday.. all tough but not like this. Klondike was with 24/7 for large bouts of time.. And for his first 2 years it was just the two of us inseparable 24/7. )

I often would say, as crazy to many as it sounds, Klondike came into my life when I needed guidance. Kelley said the words I will never forget… “You need a dog.”
Who would have thought a dog could become a guidepost for me.

But what I have learned..  All the happiness and meaning Klon illuminated for me, like the match, has taught,left me with the knowledge  that those things are still here in this room.
His light has permanently shown me these things. There is no undoing the knowledge of their existence, just because I can’t see them right now. His light and lessons are embedded in “how” I see and interact with those things. He showed me how to step in the dark and now I remember how.
So, as I will remind all those who miss him …whenever you see me smile …or love …or help …or play …or handle a unmanageable situation, or make smarter choices in people, or see Rob in my life …that is him. His light, walking through my head guiding me without me even thinking about it. He taught me things I would have never known.
I hope that everyone at some point in their (adult) lives gets the light that a human can’t teach us because words get in the way, but yet a truly kind animal who just wants to please humans can show.

In that light, whether you are in the dark or not… Check out these guys who have lessons to teach too…

Scale vs. web³ architecture is the same as it was for traditional media vs. web2.0

The difference in a start-up / early evolution of 1-30 people pivoting and giant behemoths with 100,000’s of employees and infrastructure pivoting. Google, Facebook, etc.. Have the same work cut out for them as traditional media behemoths did starting in 2002-3.
Just watch how hard it will be for tech behemoths like Google and Facebook to transition when the hardware/ubiquity/interface/convergence architecture completely changes Web2.0’s gangly list interface (& proprietary corporate identity /privacy deprived hub) model to web³ ‘s organic integration of cubic pervasive ubiquity.

Scale is always a problem when you don’t have a second foundation to pivot on.