Why I moved into the “Amazon is the best American company” camp.

A rambling that came out of a question to me last night-Boiled down – Why I have moved into the “Amazon is the best American company” camp. >; They are a company who’s purpose, services and growth creates jobs for the whole population… Not just creating jobs for a small elite sector of the growing tech industry at the cost of reducing productivity or job economy in other populations (like Facebook, Google,etc do right now) … Or the other highly $ valued model >; jobs just/almost solely created by predominantly products that they manufacture by the the common choice sending to cheap bad labor in third world conditions (Apple, etc). Both of those models which are only a handful of steps above the empty foundation of financial services/banking industry. Amazon is a diversified jobs company, so they have those models and a financial model that is directly linked to traditional jobs for the rest of industry( even if the job quality is sometimes challenged)… They are increasing/creating an array of working increases.