Netflix and Youtube’s big problem. It’s a cube, not a line.

Netflix’ big problem. They can’t seem to take the opportunity they were given. Convergence.

They are hiring and promoting the wrong people. They need people who understand production systems and integrated retail …not acquisition and how to get their career up the development ladder of corporate media.

They need to change to use of the converged model…which means they need to jump on a new content structure.  It’s a storycube, not a storyline.

Hiring studio people from acquisitions and network/tv development doesn’t have a clue how to do that… or how to avoid the $$$$$ in creating and/or buying content whose numbers will be affordable for the revenue foundation in this paradigm shift… or the quality in an interfacable new format.

…and the amount of people who are good at writing a storycube vs. a storyline on the planet… oh maybe …50.  Writing and creating a storycube or a “thick” cubic piece of content that is consistently good in it’s flow, architecture and narrative… is exponentially harder than a traditional piece of television but only because people do not yet understand the circuitous loop or the elements of infinite openness and social creation architecture.  Get the base right, get the portals right, get the guiding storylines right… use all the platforms but overlap them within the content…

…and above all, do not hurt your audience or the 4th wall unless it is purposeful to the emotional, appetite, and utility of the story/content narrative.  Integrated retail, action via reaction and layering of interface must be organic or purposeful to flow.

In the next few years we will grow accustomed to this next generation media genre but whoever gets their first has a leg up on allowing their central media to evolve, strengthen  and overlap with  their audiences to grow / drive audiences into them becoming a ..or the…powerplayer.