The New Skill: The Storycube/Cube is harder than anything we have seen yet.

Storycubes are harder than films or TV shows or games. They can’t be hokey, a gimmick, or an advertisement. They have to have propulsion and current through arcs of tension. They should use reality to strengthen the 4th wall not break it. They must not be work for the audience… And the disruption of a platform must be minimized and/or purposeful. They must build under the understanding of action through reaction. They should be able to stand as a layback in any state without interface whenever possible. They should attempt to look at the depth of field and layer in interface, portkeys and Hyv (Hypervideo/AR) architecture. They should realize the singularity of story can be over run by another with the lack of plurality in choices as much as any choices should be unobtrusive to the field of story the audience is there for.

Storycubes are more difficult to pirate.  They also will be more enabled to be shared freely.  They are stickier.  They are more apt to encourage collaboration, crowdsourcing and be more immersive.  They are inherently in a format that our brains are not trained to think of yet.  They are cubic.  Storyline>storycube.

Storycubes work on platforms that are converging…not media that attempts to “jump” randomly across platforms.
Storycubes… Cubes… ..Are the new media.. They are harder and a skill few if any have yet. & NO ONE is an expert on.  Attaching transmedia to an existing medium is not a Storycube/Cube. Which is most likely, almost inherently marketing and/or ancillary.


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