SOPA/PIPA is bad… (as I have repeated for months) but can we stop with the crap spin on both sides. It’s what got us this bad bill in the first place. This morning in a long commentary by the 99% web dev people cheering themselves on I posted this retort.

Maybe you all should learn a little more about what kind of signatory agreements are embedded in those complex collaborative content structures that you all are pontificating on but have never made. TV and Film are made through a safety net for those workers and collaborators (actors, writers, grips, electricians, camera operators, etc etc…) that are voted on in unions that keep the studios from taking advantage of their work.. including massive rules and legally binding revenue structures for how they distribute and deliver …protecting from being taking advantage of the one or two jobs they may get a year… or internet companies that are making moneys off the content’s distribution and use of to attract people to their revenue sources.

Inherently SOPA/PIPA is bad… but I am tired of the idiot …yes… idiot and arrogant arguments about people lecturing on an industry and a product that they know nothing about.

I left all those signatories because of because of the restrictions they inherently had and it may be that much of them were needed. Because I knew they would be impossible to make things under and not experiment with distribution. That does not mean I think it is okay for people to not recognize piracy effects all of those unions and people protected by their associations (even when they humanly over reach as does the web dev industry).

The model has to change. I have been arguing it for years…that BOTH the tech industry AND studios networks have to address. Millions of people and products and industry is dependent or heavily effected by the complex content industries of TV and Film.. they are very different than the music and publishing industries. Web dev and start-up VC’s industry as much as the studios have had a “it’s their problem” attitude for a decade. Small quibbling as they build structures that are heavily reliant on the other.

Content architecture and production/delivery systems of those industries have to change. But if you are going to argue that, you have to also fight the technical industries that have licensing restrictions (including the “open” ones), of their own… and build architectures that are lead by the know how of people who understand audiences as much as people who understand users. The numbers and studies on piracy have been biased on both sides but if you look at historical downturns and how we recovered..and what the film industry’s FULL REAL numbers are right now…they are not good with the landscape we have. As a country, film taxes actually helped us massively in the recovery of expenditures after the depression.

This bad argument about piracy “helps the entertainment industry” is bad because you do not understand the protections and risk of complex content production. Never mind the impossible task of actually making it good.

SOPA/PIPA are bad… Again the industry model needs to change to make the content cubic and layered as to create an opportunity for content to become a platform itself (without damaging the content) where the revenue model becomes viable to be a “push” industry instead of a “pull”. It also (by making content of film and tv …cubic, multi-platform, cross device integration and layered) makes piracy a thousand times more difficult.

Both extreme and ill informed sides of this debate should start to have some humility. Realize they have very little knowledge of the other side. And start to focus on mutually beneficial answers, and not reinforce the ones that protect their own interests or image for career and personal/political gain. Innovation, the internet, audiences, the general public, the world economy (which yes is heavily dependent on those evil studios and networks) will be hurt by these bad polarities that everyone is throwing out as if they are an expert on the opposite side which they really know enough knowledge to be very dangerous on. Only a handful of people are fighting to solve the problems…everyone else is sheep or power players trying to keep their power.

and it’s gross.