SOPA, PIPA, and Louis C.K.

If you don’t understand signatory union contracts and financial and legal responsibilities and scale of them … You should not be talking about piracy, SOPA, PIPA, Louis C.K., false #’s, the effects of the entertainment industry as ,arguably, the world’s second largest industry, a clear understanding of distribution/exhibition negotiations in collaborative media, the recorded history of progress that the film industry has effected (have you read the story of how US personnel used films as the common lexicon to bridge ethical differences in the middle east? And how social media /rhetoric ..just as Aristotle predicted.. can do the opposite as much as the same?). How many innovations did people like Steve Jobs and others created because of the dreams of the movies that were made under massive residual structures that were inherently in the scale of the same signatory agreements that burden and protect those same intensely complex collaborative productions today that conflict with the “piracy” that much of the web community belittles as not a problem. These same signatory agreements that protect millions of workers at the same time they burden and overreach.) Productions and content that elevate, drive, afford and deliver as much to this world not only in our history but will in the future.

The dialectic is often only truly informed by period and structures of communication that are incredibly complex and artful in the convergence of a long singular form that has complex protective agreements in how they are delivered and channeled. If you are going to blindly protect the channels openness at the cost and reward of a better content you have failed.

…and Vice versa.

I am sick of the greed, ignorance and false statements in the self-serving and cheesy marketing hype of this debate.

Lots of people spouting about bad business models and piracy who do not have a single clue about signatory union contracts and responsibilities in an industry with not just one, but many, on most projects.  Some of these same individuals calling congress out as ignorant of their own expertise but don’t see their own ignorance on any of the distribution structures that go into creating a massively complex but commonly union signatory production.

We get crappy bills like SOPA and PIPA because extremes on both sides are loud and ignorant of half of what they are loud about… ..the other half.  They buy into Louis C.K. as an answer to how the studios are wrong…and they are… but not the way they all are arguing.  Louis C. K. ‘s project is not complex collaborative media on the level of most film and tv…with group creation… and with the struggle of an infrastructure that Louis C.K. likes to avoid acknowledging he has.  (The man is arguably the top buzzed/hyped comedian right now whose simple “concert” film will be supplemented by the marketing of his tours and sitcom etc. as well as the massive employed tribe he has working for & with him -from publicists to lawyers under the payroll of other initiatives).  There are so many issues that both sides choose to ignore.  Both sides are not helping anyone but themselves.