The mistake of the paradigm shift.. telling start-ups to focus and try and scale massively on a simplistic list user interface (all in the name of a safe risk and early reward of an exit for venture capital). A handful of start-ups found long term success at this… at the cost of the rest of the market and economy.

The biggest mistake embedded in this paradigm shift is hanging on to the idea that scaling from singular over-simplified basic list interface will be easier in the long run than going complex..with ease of flow, openness to multi-form interface and scaling slowly.  This was led by VC’s who were looking for single step up financial reward.  Many scaled services are now stuck in a bad list interface with bad revenue models (because they were built with a priority on investment moneys rather than customer moneys) as we are about to turn a cubic corner.

Traditional media has a leg up because they understand delivery of complex interface production.  As the laying in of retail and brands has to be in production..not delivery.  As the shift of power inherently shifts to placement as the first in/first out payment contracts by placement in actual production…during the actual reality of production..  & Those will be made by those building /producing/ designing, visual production/story architectures not simple list interface or curation.  The reward from curation alone …especially in a flat list interface will beeaten into significantly as the direct retail instigated by the right placement of cues in emotional, appetite and utility within story architecture will drive retail significantly more than a “two+ step away from purchase” ad placed near a list subject.

Another big misunderstanding of people who think traditional media would die because what they do is inherently easy.  It’s not.  Not even close.

A little like the mistake of Boxee.  An idea that was created without an understanding of a very clear future that it would become redundant.  As heroic of an attempt as it may have been.

Without content creation or a hand in higher level story architecture skills… all platforms will fall to the people actually building the stories and flow.

Heroes and Humans… with my bowl of cereal. Just some thoughts.


Anyone who thinks that the Saturday morning cartoons that 40 year olds watched as children didn’t mean anything, didn’t teach us anything… need to go back and watch the Superfriends, Schoolhouse Rock and the Babapapas. There was deep ethos in many of that silly, fluffy entertainment. A time between the violent slapstick of BugsBunny & Roadrunner (still love tho)..and the mind numbing of some games that don’t teach anything of good and bad… but physio-articulation and math.

Tasty with value is not a fairy tale in fiction, or cartoons…’s just an endangered and rare species.

Sad days… No one is right in the Congressional battle over SOPA & PIPA (2 Bad Bills perhaps/IMO but now congress is forced into doing something)

No offense to anyone but for 5-7 years I have talked to VCs, web dev execs, large organizations who were building things on the backs of content other people created,.. explaining what they needed to do from the perspective of someone who understood the medium on both studio and independent level.. ..and I was largely ignored (or called crazy) despite my resume and unique background, because they looked down on any knowhow that was not technical as a knowhow that could not matter more than they.. That the future of how the Internet should work was all in technical knowhow.

A few have stepped up and listened and since stuck by me… When they realized beyond all the detail confusion realized they did need to understand all sides of this much better than they did.

The showdown on IP laws (which as much as I fight the large evil corporate studio), protected the US’s (and other countries) 2nd largest export which had a lot to do with our democratic ideals leading and spreading, leads us into much of the ideas on innovation, and gets much credit for leading us out of the depression and giving us the lifestyle we are lucky enough to have. This showdown …in Congress could have been avoided. Still could.

The .hyv layering or any browser layering will remove many of the conflicts. Again more reasons why this specific focus / road of popcorn.js just keeps leading us down the wrong road. Why I often get annoyed by web development people who don’t understand the purpose and histories of mass& interpersonal communication architectures and industries in both public and private venues.

10 years ago I left NBC, studios etc.. To recreate a more open industry and market, 7 years ago as I was putting my life where my mouth is ..I started fighting for an open technical infrastructure. Putting my life where my mouth was…yet they still ignored that they may not understand industries that they were actually dependent on as much as vice-versa. Of course with the incursion of video media which is highly complex in production… That is going to get even tougher.

I wish all parties would listen. There is a way. Yet both sides arrogantly say the other is wrong. Well, I will say arrogantly to both… They both are.

Goodbye browser… hello Sherpa.

Yes the next bridge we are about to cross are personalized hybrid cloud/search agent/organizer “sherpas”..Siri will be the “Eve” of them.  They will live in your home hub AND in the cloud.  I am looking at concept as we attach virtual sherpas and structure to storycubes.  The challenge arose today as we were discussing multiple interface in the same location during an event or film/tv with interactive.  After I left all the arguments I realized this is half of the issue.  Tweekie is but a year away is my guess.