Creative Commons licensing “experts” …take a class in complex collaborative independent production agreement contracts… Please. Because you are proposing “one click” licenses that can get a lot of people screwed.

I’m sorry but it is frustrating hearing these Creative Commons “experts”… Who clearly have little, to no, experience with complex collaborative professional media production.

It is baffling that they are talking about “one click” wavers of complex, layered media licenses with clearly no understanding of the complexity and any history of how collaborative media like live action filmmaking and episodic television comes together.. Especially in independent but large scale production formats work. Their basic lack of knowhow about it’s complexity in the majority of independent film and television industry with regard to distribution, profit share standard In the face of proposing simplistic and easily mistaken standards for sharing is downright malfeasance.

Live action Television and film is collaborative on a level and subtlety of expanse that is so layered and deep clearances and agreements within the media can run deep. That is why distribution and license extraction agreements, even for independent, non-signatory projects take days to months to settle agreements. A film is not a song, a blog, a book. And Transmedia in many ways now makes it easier and more complicated depending on how clearances and agreements were structured on the front end.

What is clear to me from perusing the discussions from the supposed “experts” on CC agreements they are way out of their league not understanding how a majority of film and television projects come together and how easily mistaken and permanently damaging a “one or two click” licensing could be.


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