a gangly list as a central social medium, a spacially odd visual structure created by people who stared at screens all day, a …imho

We as a country/planet have once again gotten confused between tools that were first to be mass marketed and the right tools. Billion dollar valuations on architectures that have only existed between 4-7 years in a market that moves at lightening speed to scale now because of the saturation of the internet… creates giant usage of poorly conceived tools that most likely will not be long term. Mostly because of the focus on “technically sound” vs. “sociologically sound” People confuse the quickly gained scale with being the best tool. A badly built market.

When I was a a 6 or 7 yr old kid my sister worked at the town movie theater and brought me one day for the entire day… Rocky was playing. I sat and watched every screening (sometimes from the projection room) … and was never the same.


4th Walls & Frankenstein’s extra gonads.

Building 4th walls now are more important than ever.  It is the problem with most transmedia experts. When you add transition between platforms… just simply by adding a platform that is socially enlarging… or markets you to a larger audience… or seems like a “neat” ARG or game or badge or invention.

In all of this… from someone who has actually made projects with strong 4th walls, where people were not disturbed by the transition or reality invading their “psyche rails” that they were floating through the story on,..   crossing platforms, introducing reality, and building a journey with glass walls and interfaces back and forth between reality and fiction… makes 4th walls just like any wall… if you add many doors and windows … many turns and corners… You will either enhance the wall and the feeling within it.. or the wall will mean nothing, or crumble.

We are entering an age where reality can actually enhance the existence of the 4th wall. But that means the practices being taught by most “transmedia experts” are wholly wrong.  It is about media that transitions between platforms, reality and virtuality, but as a singular organism… not some type of Frankenstein creature we keep adding body parts to.

*If you are running into questions of ethics in blurring lines between reality and fiction… you are most likely safely in the world of strengthening your 4th wall.  In this situation you just need to make sure the reality is strengthening the story, not the story weakening reality. imho

Scary Google, Scary Facebook, Scary Apple… add them together… they are not so scary.

Anyone who tells you Facebook is going to be a monopoly, Google is going to be a monopoly, Twitter, Apple, Comcast (almost is), etc etc etc.. is right.  & in a shift in culture as we are seeing it is good to change from time to time and force them to be more open, more secure, and clearly let them all know there will always be other options.


Those who fight the individual power of moving to a new platform are correct in making sure no one “owns” us.  Because then we lose.  But fighting moving to a new giant…while sitting in the clamps of an old giant growing.. is …lackluster, I guess is the word.

The dangers of a new industry that does not have architecture and Corporate America being the standards body.

Re: DECE/Ultraviolet
A standards body made up completely of large corporate interest without independent market representation has the ability to overthrow w3c standards (or at minimum render them a lapdog) and become / set standards that exclude an open market with the FTC.  IMHO The DECE/Ultraviolet deal (as it is being structured now) is the biggest threat to the internet ..perhaps worse than the consolidation & anti-trust issues of the Comcast/NBC merger.

Very bad for the country, the economy and democracy.
It hurts the open market, the economy, innovation and democracy.

And anyone who does not think convergent video content delivery with interactive will change ..everything… (& is more powerful than what the internet provides right now)..is underestimating the power of emotion, appetite and American retail in humanity.

the future is almost here… a little heads up about the crowd I hang with…

If you can’t make a good film or serial tv show FIRST…and all you can do is skits that the studio crews of your friends laugh at… If you don’t have a good layback but can make games that have little emotional investment in the characters.. If your entire success is based on getting to seed VC early and appealing to an early tech demographic clique/in crowd, .. but can’t seem to hit notes with people over 30, children, adults, film critics, Moms, dads, families…or artists… …if your entire career for the past 3 years is based off one viral video… You better get better because I am surrounded by the best of the crop. Handpicked. (Yup talking to you Youtube)

oh & btw … I happen to have a database of 400+ retailers I have been courting for a decade + … ; )

Testing layering/recognition between G+, tumblr and WordPress. (using “Children of Convergence” project one sheet) – my apologies to all followers, friends, circles (G+ has thrown me for a little loop this week)

Children of the Convergence
Animated with live action short film reveals
Diego Thomas was born in a wheel chair his mother had been a volunteer at the university during her  pregnancy but there was no way of proving her involvement in the study was the cause of his malformations.  His feet were clubbed and flattened to the side… his teeth were multiple in rows and whittled to points from enamel mutation.  His heart was too large for that of a normal 16 year old… and all of this went away when he was allowed in the program to swim.  In the pool Diego became a giant among men.
…and he is not alone.
Children of the Convergence is a sci-fi series that follows a group of teenagers with disabilities who are of the few surviving children whose pregnant mothers all partook in a biotech study licensed by the US Federal government between several universities in Cambridge Massachusetts in the early 90’s.  As the story takes place we see the early signs of both World War 3 (brought on by a hybrid organization arising from the marriage of the 4th reich and al qaeda) and the arrival of “visitors” who have answered our repeated calls into space.  As the series progresses we learn their disabilities our the result hybridization of human and animal genetics.  The story told via animation and live action takes us under ground as the group is set to be exterminated.
Their disabilities become their calling.
With every episode a game ensues calling for audience members to figure out what genes were used, what permutations are about to rise from each character and how to avoid it.  “Audience collectives”will need to figure out plans and blueprints for selected upcoming stories from clues left each month.  At the close of each month a “collective” broadcast will occur… and audience members will have to help the team save the world.
In addition broadcasts will come from the future having been laid in secret location both in the web…and in the world.  A future that can be changed by the actions of watching this program.
The episodes are semi-narrated by a reporter who finds records in the old catacombs of libraries and registries and graves under the city of Boston some that predicted this happening.


a storycube (for those who asked) is the basic architecture for story in an interactive, multi-platfom format.
a wormhole is a hyperlink between and within storycubes
a portkey is an object in video or web page that is the anchor (hotspot) for wormholes (hyperlinks)
a horcrux is an object in the real world that via object recognition triggers a portal / wormhole into a storycube