a gangly list as a central social medium, a spacially odd visual structure created by people who stared at screens all day, a …imho

We as a country/planet have once again gotten confused between tools that were first to be mass marketed and the right tools. Billion dollar valuations on architectures that have only existed between 4-7 years in a market that moves at lightening speed to scale now because of the saturation of the internet… creates giant usage of poorly conceived tools that most likely will not be long term. Mostly because of the focus on “technically sound” vs. “sociologically sound” People confuse the quickly gained scale with being the best tool. A badly built market.

When I was a a 6 or 7 yr old kid my sister worked at the town movie theater and brought me one day for the entire day… Rocky was playing. I sat and watched every screening (sometimes from the projection room) … and was never the same.


4th Walls & Frankenstein’s extra gonads.

Building 4th walls now are more important than ever.  It is the problem with most transmedia experts. When you add transition between platforms… just simply by adding a platform that is socially enlarging… or markets you to a larger audience… or seems like a “neat” ARG or game or badge or invention.

In all of this… from someone who has actually made projects with strong 4th walls, where people were not disturbed by the transition or reality invading their “psyche rails” that they were floating through the story on,..   crossing platforms, introducing reality, and building a journey with glass walls and interfaces back and forth between reality and fiction… makes 4th walls just like any wall… if you add many doors and windows … many turns and corners… You will either enhance the wall and the feeling within it.. or the wall will mean nothing, or crumble.

We are entering an age where reality can actually enhance the existence of the 4th wall. But that means the practices being taught by most “transmedia experts” are wholly wrong.  It is about media that transitions between platforms, reality and virtuality, but as a singular organism… not some type of Frankenstein creature we keep adding body parts to.

*If you are running into questions of ethics in blurring lines between reality and fiction… you are most likely safely in the world of strengthening your 4th wall.  In this situation you just need to make sure the reality is strengthening the story, not the story weakening reality. imho

Scary Google, Scary Facebook, Scary Apple… add them together… they are not so scary.

Anyone who tells you Facebook is going to be a monopoly, Google is going to be a monopoly, Twitter, Apple, Comcast (almost is), etc etc etc.. is right.  & in a shift in culture as we are seeing it is good to change from time to time and force them to be more open, more secure, and clearly let them all know there will always be other options.


Those who fight the individual power of moving to a new platform are correct in making sure no one “owns” us.  Because then we lose.  But fighting moving to a new giant…while sitting in the clamps of an old giant growing.. is …lackluster, I guess is the word.

The dangers of a new industry that does not have architecture and Corporate America being the standards body.

Re: DECE/Ultraviolet
A standards body made up completely of large corporate interest without independent market representation has the ability to overthrow w3c standards (or at minimum render them a lapdog) and become / set standards that exclude an open market with the FTC.  IMHO The DECE/Ultraviolet deal (as it is being structured now) is the biggest threat to the internet ..perhaps worse than the consolidation & anti-trust issues of the Comcast/NBC merger.

Very bad for the country, the economy and democracy.
It hurts the open market, the economy, innovation and democracy.

And anyone who does not think convergent video content delivery with interactive will change ..everything… (& is more powerful than what the internet provides right now) underestimating the power of emotion, appetite and American retail in humanity.