Humans forced him to bust rhymes… he never wanted to be a hiphop artist… (Mo the magic dragon) from The Bedtime Gang

Working on a live action tracking shot for when Mo escapes into the magic forest from the men trying to cage him and his talents to perform HipHop in the circus. – The Bedtime Gang


“Aliens see flesh and bone as paint and plaster… ..No, actually more like cake sculptures” – Telbo, in Legend of Heaven

“Aliens see flesh and bone as paint and plaster… ..No actually more like cake sculptures” – Telbo, in Legend of Heaven

“Legends are real and they will save us.” – Telbo, The Legend of Heaven

“F#$% that. I just got felt up by a mermaid.” – Beo, The Legend of Heaven

(story)cube = supermedia

It is no longer about “trans” (like saying 2 bicycles tied together is a car) or just “deep” (story now must move toward you as much as be deep)… it is no long about belittling story (or the games they exist in) with gamification or … or making it simply about expanding an audience for marketing purposes.

Media needs to be superhero status… it needs to be something that came out of Green Lantern’s ring, layered like the worlds of Inception, utilitarian like the devices from StarTrek, practical and helpful like Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, Sexy like Wonder Woman’s bustier (and all of the Watchmen), companions like Lassie, Computer and Silver… affirming and uplifting  like Indiana Jones vacations… …and most of all as transparent and trustworthy as GI Joe.

If you build a storycube it must look to the “super”… we are living the moment in Greatest American Hero where he discovers the suit and has lost the directions.

Video/film most often has complicated layers of collaboration and therefore ownership/residual pay. Thus the thicket of legal issues coming. #cube #transmedia #multi-platform

and  yes video platforms in the end will be liable if they make money off of content that they don’t have a clear chain of ownership & therefore clearance with.  Those legal precedents have been set over and over and over again.  In almost every situation and medium. Long before the internet even came around.

Fair use lawyers are selling a lot of companies a bill of goods to get paychecks in a paradigm shift.  Film and video produced content is layered and complicated unlike a song…or a news story.  Yet the holy grail of content revenue is in that long form video and filmed content.

The experts who are chanting all of this bologna at panels and symposiums… are emperors who are wearing very little clothing.  Many people from investors to developers to filmmakers & game developers…  …are going to end up in legal and financial hot water because of that.

…and that isn’t even going into multi-platform, transmedia, deep media, hypervideo interactivity, cross media chains…cubes.

The giant mistake seed and second round venture capitalists are making with focusing on “platforms” with interactive video and advertising.

What many technologists and venture capitalists don’t grasp…is platforms and channels are right now new and the revenue models seem almost easy or near apparent. Most models looking at the cinema model where they are the exhibitors making small margins on the periferies of content exhibition. The problem is very soon their concession stand will be inside the film. Content placement will be the “1st out” contract…simply by natural flow of how  and when it needs to be placed.   The theater will be worth very little & content will own them.  That isn’t me boasting…it’s me saying…sigh… I wish everyone would have listened.  I am right about this issue just like I have been right about all the rest of the integrated convergent new medium. (& yeah I have been…on every single issue…boasting or not).