Celtx/GoogleDocs/Wave test (using Wynter : The Lore of Klaus script opening)

Wynter: The Lore of Klaus (Opening for Celtx/googledocs/wave sync test)


Innovation is the family biz.

Got a great note from my Mom today talking about Dr. Land (my dad was 35 years at Polaroid) & how he ran the co. originally… Lessons being ignored by many in tech about long tail. This concept of scale first make money second is about to have messy issues on further innovation and keeping open markets for that innovation.

I often say…My grandfather was at GE for decades (helping construct everything from “new-fangled things called traffic lights and super powered jet engine thingys”), Dad was at Polaroid, both when they were the “Apple” of their day. Innovation is in many ways… the family biz.  I just never really saw it when I was a kid.