some plotlines…since I was asked several times…

Just a handful of the projects we are filming presently in some form or another…

Chad Case

Feature about a gay couple who moves into a small town in New Hampshire.  One of them is either paranoid…or dangerously being stalked.  This is one film when you watch traditionally, another when you interface and a completely different one 6 months later when one of the series is launched which will go nameless.

Liberty Square

Late thirty somethings facing various challenges…in a raw face ofeveryday life.

The Bedtime Gang

Is a cross medium /platform series/storycube that takes traditional archetypes and characters of fairie tales and mixes them with contemporary life and characters.  Teaches modern and ancient lessons for kids via interface, interaction and parents being present in their children’s experiences and adventures.

Legend of Heaven

Based on a trilogy/novel not yet released.. follows Beo, a young 12 year old as he recovers from his father’s death at his own baseball game.  In visiting his Grandfather’s (Grampy Joe) lake house…he discovers legends and creatures, the war of the Faeries, the oncoming re-invasion and that all folklore and history… and faith are intertwined.

Sons of Liberty

The story of the men around the Boston Massacre, the creation of a new nation and the battle they had to fight in both blood and minds to fight for liberty.  Told in a factual basis…no Palin/Beck spin here (which is really the opposite of what these men really believed)


Follows a woman as she returns to her hometown to sell her mother’s home.  A hometown where 45 years before was the site of one of America’s most notable alien sightings.  We follow her as the secrets of the present have completely to do with the secrets of that night 45 years earlier.

Math – The Passion of Alan Turing

The story, tragedy and heroic complexity of Alan Turing and his passion.


An interactivce reality game… one part running man…one part  folklore history lesson… one part prize-winning challenge.

Wynter – The Lore of Klaus

The story of Wynter the winter wizard and what became of his son (the child of the local overlord’s daughter) after the tragedy of an epic medieval war… the magic and legend that followed.  Filmed as an AR experience which can be both viewed on film and on location.  It is film which pieces as ride for tourism and entertainment.

Constantius and Pulchera

Told in three parts (a la “The Hours”) following a couple who discovers a book “Constantius and Pulchera”… the long unknown author of the book who was considered a traitor during the revolutionary war and the love story that had never been told..and the story of Constantius and Pulchera …a love story in and of itself of a wealthy new continent heiress who wants to marry a young rebel…ends up dressing as a man to fight in the American Revolution.

…there are many more…

…but these are at the forefront of what I am presently filming…. These are all journeys that have interface.  You can wear them, go in them, follow them..and they can follow you.